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Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Lotus Carpet Cleaning Sydney provides high quality carpet cleaning & carpet protection services by experienced Carpet Cleaners Sydney for home & business carpets.

Our Carpet Cleaning team members are fully trained and highly motivated for Carpet dry cleaning, Carpet steam cleaning and Rug cleaning.
We use the latest carpet cleaning equipments, materials and technics which will ensure that your carpets retain their optimal color and appearance.

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We Only Use Environmentally-Friendly Professional Equipment, Methods And Products To Ensure The Safety Of You, Your Visitors, Your Family And Your Pets. Fantastic Services Cleaning Experts Know The Right Cleaning Methods And Products To Use To Achieve The Best Quality Results.
  • We also offer stain removal, deodorisation and protection for your carpets and rugs.
  • Special rates available – just call on 0425 029 990 for more details
  • We’re available on weekdays, weekends and Holidays
  • We offer affordable prices and flexible payment methods
  • Friendly customer support on hand 24/7
  • All our professional carpet cleaning services are provided by staff that have been fully trained and certified by the experts.
  • We only use the most effective equipment and detergents – products.

Lotus Carpet cleaning service in Sydney is quick, convenient and hassle-free.
At Lotus Cleaning, we know that every carpet cleaning situation is unique. That’s why we begin our carpet cleaning service with a complete analysis of your carpet, noting any heavily-soiled or high-traffic areas.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Lotus Carpet Cleaners provide best residential carpet cleaning services in Sydney.
Our professional cleaners are excellent trained and use special extraction equipment to remove dust and pollutants and clean your carpet fibers. Our Carpet Cleaning specialist will clean and restore deeply soiled carpets and areas and will use the most appropriate cleaning method for your carpets. These include dry cleaning, hot water extraction or steam cleaning.

Lotus Carpet Dry cleaning is the best choice when color fastness is an issue. If you want your carpets to be as clean as possible in minimum time then look no further than the Dry Carpet Cleaning service that we offer.
Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is used for many types of carpets and is a deep cleaning technique.
Lotus Carpet steam cleaning in Sydney is one of the most effective eco-friendly carpet cleaning options available today, as it simply uses natural pre-spray products and hot water as its cleaning agent.

The hot water is injected under high-pressure down into the carpet fibre, releasing dirt, germs, dust mites and all other particles in the carpet pile. Then powerfully sucked up with the water extraction and our highly-trained carpet cleaning services team will carefully remove stains. After all cleaning process done, we use turbo air flow compressor for quick carpet drying.
We use only the latest in carpet cleaning technology and solutions to help ensure that your carpets retain their original beauty.

We don’t just make promises, we will deliver!
lotus commercial carpet cleaning in Sydney

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Every workplace has high-traffic areas that take on the brunt of the dirt. Our company also provides Commercial Carpet Cleaning services in Sydney for your business or office. In which, we provide better carpet protection, extend the life of your carpet and make regular cleaning faster and easier. We use advanced cleaning techniques and quality materials to remove grit, dirt, and odor. This will help restore the original appearance of your carpets and will prevent premature damage.
As part of our commercial carpet cleaning in Sydney, we feature anti-static odor control and a low moisture process. Use safe cleaning methods for your carpets will dry in minimum time.

We also offer restoration services for heavily stained carpets and will remove stains from different types of fabric.
We will clean your carpets for a healthier working environment.

Rug Cleaning

Our professional Rug Cleaning in Sydney involves a very Detailed and Deep clean for all kinds of rugs and it is part of our carpet cleaning service.
The process is very similar to carpet cleaning method known as hot water extraction cleaning. Our experienced technicians will inspect your rug thoroughly on both the front and the back surface. It is the only way to be sure that no defects or blemishes are overlooked.

We make sure you know, upfront, the condition of your rug. Then the rug is vacuumed thoroughly to be sure the dry soils are removed.
The next stage is pre-spray, a mix of a product with water is applied under pressure into the rug. A gentle agitation is done to help spread the cleaning product across the rug area. The last stage of preparing the rug is to leave it for 5-15 minutes for the product to start working on the rug fibres.
The next part is extraction: The special tool is designed to inject water depending on requirements(cold, warm or hot) under high pressure into the rug to wash the soils out of the fibres. At the end ,if necessary, spots and stains will be treated. Our technician will proceed with grooming to achieve a great look of rug.
The final stage is rug drying, we use cold air mover for fast rug drying.

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  • 20 March 2017
  • I've called Lotus Cleaning for 2 occasions to clean my second floor and stairway Berber carpeting. It always looks like new after they've finished. They're courteous, fast and thorough. Highly recommend!
  • - eli

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  • 03 September 2016
  • Your steam dry cleaning on Carpet is very good
  • - Ruby


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