Lotus Rug Cleaning Greenfield Park clean any rug through its entire cross-section, remove stains, dust mites & odors, specialist for Rug Laudry Greenfield Park including free pick up & delievery.

A rug adds warmth and beauty to any home. The difference between a carpet and a rug – a carpet is attached to the floor, just like wall-to-wall carpeting, and a rug is used as an accent piece. Rugs can be handmade, contemporary or antique.

At Lotus Cleaning , area rugs are treated individually with special attention, care and proper cleaning. At our special cleaning facility, we determine the best cleaning technique and method that suits your rug’s particular weave, fibers and dyes. We ensure your satisfaction with the best results that will extend the life of your rug and protect your investment. Our technicians use cutting edge technology processes in order to deep clean and revive the colors of your rug.

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The dirt, grit, sand and soil trapped in the rug’s nap and foundation act as an abrasive. Cleaning enhances the value and appearance of a rug and increases its longevity. Lotus Rug Cleaning Greenfield Park adds to the life of your rug.

Professional Rug Cleaning Service in Greenfield Park

Lotus Cleaning specializes in professional rug cleaning services including: Persian, Pakistani, Afghani, Chinese, Indian, Antique, Silk and hand made. Taking proper care to preserve your Oriental rugs is vital regardless of where they are made from. We believe in protecting your investment and stopping the damage before it starts

Our rug cleaning Greenfield Park services are available for all commercial and residential clients in the Greenfield Park area.

We provide rug cleaning Greenfield Park services tailored to your home or business’ specific needs. We use the best in rug cleaning equipment, and all of our machines are top-of-the-line, commercial products. Our staff are fully trained and certified in the service of rug cleaning and the removal of stains from rugs. We’re a bunch of fully trained and insured rug cleaning professionals. We provide the highest quality rug cleaning services in Greenfield Park, and we always go above and beyond to meet your needs and expectations.


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